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Blends and ingredients for the food industry

Applications for the meat and sausage industry

Expertise and experience

Riske Ingredients GmbH is an international company operating in the food industry. The company’s specialists have been  working closely with customers since 1976 to develop and optimise functional ingredients for their product applications. The company’s key areas of expertise are applications for the meat and sausage industry and the production of high-quality delicatessen foods.

Diverse product range

The wide range of products includes functional ingredients and blends for various applications, such as cooked sausage,  pickles, cooked cured products, bacon, fresh meat, raw sausage, formed convenience products like chicken nuggets and lots more. The focus is on fibre-based blends for label friendly end products, which can be used without impairing functionality.

Innovative and diverse ideas

The development of customised foods and functional blends is one of the company’s core areas of expertise. The RISKE team  has years of experience and can give suggestions for innovative concepts and techniques, based on current market trends, in addition to specialist advice.

Our strengths are individual advice and tailor-made product solutions for the meat and sausage industry and the production of delicatessen foods.
Product Highlights


Functional blends for the production of convenience products.


Functional blends for the production of sausage products for use as cutter aid.


Functional blends for the production of meat products for use in brines and marinades.

Global transfer of expertise

Riske Ingredients GmbH has been part of the H&F Group since 2018. The Group’s core area of expertise is the production of high-quality pectin varieties and an extensive range of multifunctional dietary fibres, made from fruits and vegetables, for the food and non-food industries.

The H&F Group has a global reputation for sophisticated, highly functional product ranges offering excellent quality and innovative application concepts. Years of experience gained by the H&F Group in many different industries and applications help the RISKE team to think creatively.

Constructive and modern product solutions are specially developed to meet each customer’s requirements. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on optimizing and expanding of your products.

What we offer you
RISKE Technikum

Modern technology centre

The development of practical product solutions is based at the modern technology centre. Here, the RISKE specialists work continuously to further develop product functionality, application ideas and innovations for the food industry.

Quality and service

High quality standards and stringent quality management and certification are prerequisites for developing optimal product  solutions. The RISKE specialists’ expertise in diverse applications forms the basis for the excellent service and advice offered  by this customerfocussed company.

Expert Partner

The RISKE team always keeps the customer’s need for efficient and effective production processes in mind, as well as economic factors.

Individual product and concept solutions

Market trends and modern food concepts drive our product development; for example, consumer demand for short lists of  ingredients for meat, sausage or delicatessen products.

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